second color official release Nike SB Air Jordan 1, when it was revealed, will launch three colors, the first color is now on the stage, second colors will also be exposed. By Lance Mountain and Craig Stecyk to create, white shoes with left blue, right red outsole of mandarin duck design, and other white shoes may be used in many times, there will be unexpected results. Interested friends, please continue to pay attention! source: Dragon seven new color / Nike Zoom Soldier 7 new color exposure HD map / Nike Kobe 9 Elite cheap jordan shoes for men " Detail" review last article: new color / Nike Zoom Soldier 7 new color exposure next article: HD map / Nike Kobe 9, Elite " Detail" is introducing Nike, a joint 6th Anniversary Limited single product, at CLOT 6th anniversary. The launch of the Air Max BW Set, a total of five colors, with blue, white, brown, red and dark blue, suede, mesh surface, and bright leather and other different materials mix and match, but also make the overall good shoes. At the same time, the side of the shoe is also printed with CLOT signs of logo, cheap jordans online the theme is full. At present, there is no specific release news, like this series of friends, please be sure to pay attention to the sale information. Edison Chan CLOT X NIKE 6th anniversary joint shoes Puma, First, Round, Maxx casual shoes comments on last article: Edison Chan CLOT X NIKE 6th anniversary joint shoes next article: Puma, First, Round, Maxx casual shoesThis pair of appearance of avant-garde new adidas shoes, Kanye is not West and Adidas network transmission to create new. But Adidas Originals launched the " Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping poor" version of QASA Adidas originals Tubular Snake. Black nylon elastic shoes with breathable mesh design, rubber sole design approximate QASA, make whole shoe quite trendy. 14060221B1R50-13109_resized.png (427.49 KB, download number: 12) download adidas originals Tubular Snake 2014-7-23 09:17 upload 14060221C020Z-2M58_resized.jpg (97.52 KB, download number: 12) download adidas originals Tubular Snake 2014-7-23 09:17 upload 14060221C54c0-46313_resized.jpg (81.33 KB, download number: 12) download adidas originals T Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ubular Snake 2014-7-23 09:17 upload 14060221C29260-35301_resized.jpg (89.37 KB, download number: 12) download adidas originals Tubular Snake 2014-7-23 09:17 upload 14060221CX440-5A53_resized.jpg (60.49 KB, download number: 12) download adidas originals Tubular Snake 2014-7-23 09:17 Adidas originals Snake upload, Adidas, originals, Tubular 00 it is reported that this year the "61" children's day, the Chengdu Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Municipal Working Committee Office, within the city of women's and chil cheap jordans for sale dren's products Quality Association conducted a special supervision. The total of the city's 147 women's and children's products production and processing enterprises were examined, checks the children's toys, children's furniture, children's shoes, clothing and other products 155 batches, after inspection, 145 batches of qualified, qualified rate of physical quality checks for 93.5%. among them, the clothing checks 54 batches, 51 batches of qualified, the pass rate is 94.4%. The rejected items include fiber content and colo Retro jordans for sale r fastness. Fiber content of substandard content, mainly for enterprises to raw materials into the factory is not strict, the use of substandard fabrics. Color fastness is not qualified, enterprises in order to save costs, the production process reduced the fixation, soaping and other processes. children's shoes checked 27 batches, qualified 21 batches, the pass rate was 77.8%. The unqualified items have three indexes: sensory quality (overall appearance), wear resistance and uppers pull-out strength. The sensory quality (ap Cheap air jordans for sale pearance) is not qualified, is the enterprise untagging shoes in accordance with national standards, the use of non-standard shoes, wear resistance is caused by; unqualified enterprises with excessive filler and impurities in sole materials in the production process, in addition to the children's wear comfortable and lightweight, deliberately change sole formula, in order to get soft sole material; upper pull strength is not qualified for individual enterprises to save production costs, poor selection of adhesives or bonding proce cheap foamposites ss errors. (responsible editor: leaf)recently, Vans for the classic shoes Skool Old launched a new "Zip Leather" series. The YKK zipper is added to the shoe lace hole, so that the use of the home can be freely selected by the use of a zipper or a lace. And the curve of the leather shoes on the logo, then use the color matching with the body of the shoe, showing a more prominent effect. It is reported that the shoe price is priced at $$75." half man, half amazing" he is Vince. Synonymous with Carter, for fans of the older generati cheap jordans for sale mens on, the name is the strength and beauty of the symbol, in the network media is not so developed, game information only through the standard definition television access time, a moment seems to represent the forever, after school meal often mentioned, without exception, to experience a feeling of agonistic. Next, let me use the peak period of Vince Carter GIF for you to show the miracle of that era. the tenth ranked tenth is Carter in the all star game hit in Tomahawk dunk, it should be said that many of the players are performing Retro jordans for sale such a dunk, but let my impression most profound only three people: VC, kg, TMC, and both from the sky and stretching, elegant, strength of the parties to the surface to evaluate, VC of the dunk is undoubtedly the most beautiful, approach the ball, throw the ball elastic plate, to jump in with both feet, empty vertical dunks, the whole action freely flowing style of writing, in one fell swoop. ninth is ranked ninth in the VC in the college with a 360 degree + big windmill dunk. This action seems simple, but to finish like Carter full of strength is not easy. eighth ranked eighth is the own basket period Carter regular season in the face of the Titans heat Alonzo. Mo Ning a dunk, elegant breakthrough, body air intense confrontation, smashed Mo Ning to finish split button. the seventh ranked seventh is the Raptors period best Carter in the all star game breakthrough Bryant completed 360 degree dunk, although the ball performance components are slightly more, but VC completed the ball the degree of elegant definitely not in any formal dunk contest. For at that time the Carter and Kobe who is more excellent discussion at that time has been heard and we often due to Carter dunk too good while ignoring his ability in other aspects, however, when Carter and Kobe indeed in about the same, if not too many injuries, perhaps his career will more brilliant. sixth ranked in sixth place is 2000 all star dunk contest on Carter completed a record bottom line approach swivel 180 degrees + big windmill dunk. Reason in the above I will said Carter, a large windmill dunk is the planet on the best, not only because he completed a dunk standards and beauty degree, more is that he can use this iconic dunk on almost all occasions. The difficulty of the buckle is in the run-up distance was seen live friends will remember clearly, complete the dunk, Carter took only a run-up after the body like spring is released as jumped up. Amazing explosive power, amazing bounce height, graceful aerial stance, all of this talent is strikingly concentrated in Carter Vince's body. fifth is still ranked fifth in the 2000 all star dunk contest. "