& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] can be said Li Ning, "China Nike (Nike)" it? In fact, not at all. If the shoe Li Ning (Li Ning) follow the current trajectory, it will stop at a similar point that Nike and Nike trademark similar. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; of the same name created by the gymnast Li Ning sports shoes and apparel manufacturing retailer headquartered in Beijing, between 2002 to 2009, revenues increased by 9 times, each share earnings increased 10-fold. However, in January last year at the headquar cheap jordans for sale ters of Nike footwear brand Li Ning - The United States opened its first retail store in Portland, Oregon, this kind of development of a given type of malpractice certainly starting to show. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shoe Li Ning to build China's largest sports brand sales network, with 7,748 retail outlets, but only 474 managed directly by Li Ning, the remaining 60 shops % from approximately 2,000 retailers inexperienced operators, they do not want to empty out of season stock price, therefore leaving little room for new high-value products cheap jordans for sale mens . In June last year, we have been unable to solve the problem of weak orders trademark Li Ning was slightly modified, and introduced a new slogan: "Make the change" (make changes). But all this does not make the situation better. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; For investors, they are not only selling Li Ning (Since then, shares have fallen 42 percent), there is a similar distribution problems also sell to other manufacturers and retailers, such as Anta ( Anta), Xtep (Xtep) and 361 degrees (361 Degrees) and the like. In the meantime the only risin cheap jordans online g Chinese sports shoes and apparel stocks are Baosheng (Pou Sheng), which rose by 37%. Bao Sheng is a pure retailer, large retail distribution of Nike, Adidas (adidas), Reebok (Reebok) and Puma (puma) and other brands. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to some extent, if you can to preferred franchisees and then sell a few percentage points of wholesale discount, footwear brand Li Ning may be able in the next two years on the domestic rationalization of distribution networks simultaneously maintain market share. However, the international shoe giant Retro jordans for sale Nike will also easily become its most profitable markets to invest heavily in China. At the same time, Credit Suisse (Credit Suisse) data related to Chinese sports shoes and apparel consumption shows the challenges facing difficulty lining. When family income over 7000 yuan (about $ 1,000), Chinese consumer preferences will shift from domestic brands overseas brands. And other large consumer goods, as in sports shoes and sports vest market, Chinese companies want to become the world champion who seems far from conquered the local market, no Retro jordans for sale t to mention other countries in the.2008, KOBEIV almost followed a series of HyperDunk hit, with his proud Howe's low to help design and then new Flywire concept fly line vamp, almost without doubt was elected as the year's best basketball shoes, but ultimately failed to escape his destiny, but we did not expect, this fate come so fast, the succession next year released the ZOOMKOBEV perfect, the continuation of the top signature shoes and lowest for shoes of brilliant. Bryant in 2008 before and not the lower help shoes cold and no secret, Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping perhaps is wearing ZOOMKOBEIV take career first ChampionWithoutShaq sake Kobe to low for the love of basketball shoes have to point of a headache for the designer. EricAvar - Kobe boots's designer, well on the basis of the KOBEIV designed ZOOMKOBEV. The appearance that we feel it all make only superficial changes is a great inheritance. fusion of football shoes inspiration KOBEV in appearance than the fourth generation more movement, before AirForce1 toe design in ZOOMKOBEV already vanished. ZOOMKOBEIV and Flywire upper fly line to cross th Cheap air jordans for sale e breakdown of replaces the parallel arrangement, but as Flywire originals almost read product, its performance may or slightly deficient. Then with the new TPU design is a good solution, followed by ZOOMKOBEIV on both sides of the TPU ring leads to the problem of excessive late at. and in the middle of the end of the first three generations of the return of the ZOOM before and after the return of the design is the corresponding Kobe I request. Forefoot lunarlite heel zoom design is adopted in the ZOOMKOBEIV. But when fashion at the pinnacle cheap jordan shoes for men of Kobe Bryant, the wind the ball for the elasticity of the shoe requirements higher, lunarlite despite the unparalleled in the lightweight, but Avar in design still take the more appropriate forefoot oval shaped zoom cushioning. The deeper ECG lines in the soles are better at the same time to ensure that the wear resistance of the shoe is considerable. the most important is that MVP boots of the hated Celtics overcome this is Bryant's fifth career Championship King boots, in Lakers history is for the first time in the finals to grab seven Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping games, the ZOOMKOBEV with science and technology color and all available color shoes information, please when guest home page search ZOOMKOBEV get.Time: 2007-01-19 14:02 source: Asia Footwear Association of Asia Footwear Association on November 2006, Czech industrial production year-on-year growth slowed by 12.6% last month to 7.6%, the main industry to promote the growth of industrial production is still the electrical and optical equipment manufacturing and automobile production industry, metal processing, steel, chemical pharmaceutical a cheap foamposites nd clothing footwear decreased. Industry sales growth of 9.7%, average employment growth of 0.2%, the average monthly wage growth of 5.8% to 22744 kronor (about 1045 U.S. November 2006, Czech industrial production growth slowed to 7.6% from 12.6% last month, the main industry to promote the growth of industrial production is still the electrical and optical equipment manufacturing and automobile production industry, metal processing, iron and steel, chemical pharmaceutical and clothing footwear decreased. Industrial sales grew by 9.7%, the average employment growth of 0.2%, an average monthly wage growth of 5.8%, to 22744 kroner (about 1045 U.S. dollars), according to per capita sales of labor productivity growth of 8.6%. That month, industrial enterprises new orders 151 billion 500 million kroner (about 7 billion U.S. dollars), an increase of 14.6%, of which foreign orders for 97 billion 200 million kroner (about 4 billion 500 million kroner), an increase of 16.9%. In 2006 1-11 months, Czech industrial production grew by 10.3%. (editor in chief: admin) rural cooperative bank credit funds are safe, largely depends on the changes of local leading industry, due to the fast changing of the market economy, industry fluctuations can hardly be avoided this may cause, the Agricultural Bank credit risk. Therefore, the Agricultural Bank credit personnel must set up scientific credit concept, can not blindly put in, not to engage across the board, should pay close attention to the changing situation, pay attention to the movement of funds, strengthen credit management, credit risk prevention. per month following the release of "blank" series after, just don followed for the 2015 winter to launch a series of luxury wool and leather material ball cap. In the latest series, we can see the Detroit pistons, the Chicago bulls and the UCLA team, such as the theme of small cap models. The eye-catching color collocation gold buckle street to create a luxurious temperament, help you always focus on the streets of autumn and winter. Retail price of $$450 to $650 U.S. dollars, can be purchased in the development of shops ATL Just to Don Wish's latest series. source: ATL Wish