& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Although the same as the main body of the central bank governor, Jean-Claude Trichet and Bernanke in income but there is a huge gap. According to the accounting report of the European Central Bank recently released, ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet's salar cheap foamposites y in 2008 over 440,000 US dollars, and this figure is more than twice the annual salary Bernanke even more. & nbsp; According to the accounting report of the European Central Bank on its official website announced, Jean-Claude Trichet's salary in 2008 rose from 2007 to 345,252 e cheap jordans for sale uros to the 351,816 euros (about 446,806 US dollars). According to data from the US government departments previously disclosed, Bernanke annual salary in 2009 was $ 196,700, but also. Data show that Jean-Claude Trichet and the other five members of the European Central Bank Exec Retro jordans for sale utive Board in 2008 compared with an average annual salary in 2007 rose 1.9%, while the inflation rate target this figure and the ECB are basically the same. In their salary, while the European Central Bank governor Jean-Claude Trichet has repeatedly said it would public service d cheap jordans online epartments and the private sector have strengthened the pay restrictions. In addition, according to the accounting report of the European Central Bank announced that the European Central Bank Vice President Lucas Papademos's 2008 annual base salary rose to a 301,548 euros, while cheap jordan shoes for men the other three members of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank in the past It is ? 251,280 annual salary. In addition to basic salary, members of the ECB Executive Board also able to enjoy housing benefits. In Jean-Claude Trichet, for example, is headquartered in Fra Cheap air jordans for sale nkfurt, Germany The European Central Bank will provide a set of housing. On the other hand, Jean-Claude Trichet's salary also exceeded the Bank of England Governor Mervyn King, in the year ended July 1, 2007 in, Mervyn King of the resulting annual salary of 290,653 pounds ( comb Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ined $ 413,000). Interestingly, Mervyn King also when on February 26 to participate in congressional hearings on their pay was ridicule, when asked what prompted him to get up early every day when, Mervyn King replied: "I get very generous salary, I like the public world of politi cheap jordans for sale mens cs, I really enjoy this kind of life. " Shop floor, chic, exquisite work platform in the new Department of clothing and shoes under the "cluster", like Mary K x adidas Originals "colorful forest" in the fashion station in general, the "IT girl" in the hearts of the creation of pas Retro jordans for sale sion ignited. Dress, dress, jacket, Track printing tee simple popular styles for "Avatar" is a beautiful sticker, waiting for the "stylist" in the "sticker model" on their wear ability; in addition, colorful brush, fashion magazines will assist a concept of panels (Mood Board) gor Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping geous at birth at the moment, everyone is like Studio in "Mary Katrantzou", indulged his inspiration, Adidas Originals of the original spirit of extreme interpretation.Veteran Finland footwear brand Karhu has recently released a series of shoes in the spring of 2017, this season's shoes at Finland's oldest city Porvoo as inspiration to Fusion 2 and Aria two shoes modeled on the ancient red brick walls and blue Lake City as the color elements added to suede uppers, vamps and nylon stitching presentation. This series of shoes will be released on the 21 th of this month, the interested friends may wish to act as soon as possible.Rank: Date: 2015-2-6 commissioning editor "TEAM" section of the NBA all star boots tongue was the "NBA" logo reflects the identity of a pair of shoes, basketball shoes from NBA stadium. Vamp uses PP fuse technology, like the upper window ventilation design can provide good air permeability and easy deformation; the structure is molded collar the wearer's ankle support brings good protection; with the heel part of Anta for this series of shoes design exclusive LOGO, such as "TEAM", "FAST BREAK".